People power our Projects.

  • Maxim Wenger

    CTO | Co-Founder | Project Management

  • Liam Read

    CEO | Co-Founder | Developer & Designer

  • Paul Harrison

    Developer & Designer | Digital Artist

Our Logo and Branding.

Our logo features a vector art red panda and represents the hard work and commitment that our company puts into creating pieces of art. When creating our branding we wanted something creative and eye catching while also supporting something were passionate about. We actively support the conservation of these creatures and donate a proportion of our annual income to help conserve their population.

You’re probably still wondering why it’s a red panda at this point right? Naturally red pandas are nocturnal creatures that live a sedentary lifestyle, which could somewhat represents our developers at times.


(Greek for "character")

Ethos and Culture.

When we founded the company we wanted to create a culture and an ethos that would help represent our brand. We all love what we do, were passionate and invested in creating and learning. Flexible hours on projects was something that was prevalent from the very start, often as creative individuals we found ourselves having ideas and developing at sporadic times.

Origins. was originally created as a small side project while studying at university that mainly focused on producing small websites for the purpose of learning, creating and tinkering in our spare time. Through developing endlessly with what some might call a slightly unhealthy sleep schedule, we started producing quality products that would sadly never really be appreciated or presented to the public. Moving forward we have assembled a small but robust team of developers and personnel that make awesome websites for start-ups and small business. © Copyright 2016, All Rights Reserved